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Fresh seafood of Lake Hamana
Fishmonger & Seafood Restaurant
We want you to eat fish caught in Lake Hamana today.

You can eat freshly caught eel, oyster, crab and bonito. We're a fishmonger. We are proud to offer you fresh seafood from the fishing port.

The seafood you can eat is different every day. Seasonal foods for you.



Enjoy the eel from Lake Hamana

One of our specialties is eel. A eel is "Unagi" in Japanese.

"Una-ju" is marinated eel over a box of rice. The smell of roasted eel sauce will whet your appetite.
You can also eat fresh seasonal seafood of Lake Hamana. Every seafood doesn't smell fishy and you can eat it like other food. Please come and eat.


9554-2 Hosoecho Kiga, Kita Ward, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka

TEL 053-522-1069

FAX 053-522-1295

Wednesday Closed


(We may have a reservation for a private party. You can be sure if you make a reservation by phone beforehand.)

By Car/

From Mikkabi IC, about 9 minites.

By Train/

From Tenryu Hamanako Railway Nishi-Kiga, about 14 minites on foot.

By Bus/

From Kiga-Mikkabi Line02 Shimo-Kiga, about 2 minites on foot.

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